Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's a strange paradise...

It's our final night in Hawaii already; our flight home is tomorrow night so we have the whole day tomorrow to see and do a few more things. Either way, we're definitely on the accelerated downslope of the second half of any vacation where time seems to fly by and you can't believe it's almost over.

Overall it's been a pretty surreal experience. Oahu is a beautiful place and if all goes well tomorrow we'll have seen and done pretty much everything we were hoping to see and do.

Sarah and I have openly wondered aloud how we can come and live here, but we've discovered that it is crazy expensive to do so, and most people have to work two jobs just to make ends meet. That's the cost of paradise I guess.

Alright, time to make the most of our remaining day and a half. I've already spent some quality time on the beach and practicing my ukelele (always wanted one of these little guys) and later on we're gonna head to the Waikiki Aquarium - if Hannah's had a nap by then.

We'll be back at some point on Friday and will likely need the weekend to recover and get back on Eastern Standard Time, back to our regular lives. Reluctantly.

Though you hardly know her
The lights on its way
The hand that rests upon it
Still wanna stay
- Beach House, "Irene"

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