Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fira has cast its spell on me.

Hell yes, I managed to make a JRPG reference.

This side of the island is quite lively, with a lot to see. The caldera is impressive, though I feel like you need to be there super early to see it really misty and whatnot.

My Chilean friend from Perissa came along, and we walked around Fira and neighbouring towns. We got a bit tired, so we decided to take the cable car back to where we started. That was a bad move, as the cable car actually took us down to the cruise ship port, which meant we had to walk all the way up the 600+ stairs to the top, whilst avoiding donkeys and their “exhaust”. A fun time nonetheless.

Then I went to Ia, home of the famous Santorini sunset.

Things not to do when you’re going to a place for the sunset: show up at 11 AM. It was a loooooong day, so I basically walked everywhere I could possibly manage, stopped to rest a lot, and just waited out the sun until it finally started to go down around 8.

Today will be another long day to fill, as I have to check out in about a half hour, but my overnight ferry to Rhodes doesn’t leave until 1 in the morning.

I’m sure I’ll manage to find things to do; Santorini is an incredible place, and has definitely lived up to the expectations. I will miss it.

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