Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And I'm stranded...and I'm starry-eyed.

I've gone 29 years and 2 months without missing a flight (OK, I only started flying in high school, but you get the point), but today that streak has come to an end.

Thanks to some major delays/general slowness in both my overnight ferry and transit to the airport, I missed my flight back to Toronto. I didn't get to the airport until 30 minutes before my plane took off, and the gate staff was unwilling to let me make a run for it.

I mean, sure, there are worse places to be stuck than Greece...but it's extra travel and expenses that I could have done without.

Not much I can do but make the best of it, so I had a huge meal at a taverna in the town I'm staying at tonight, just 15 minutes outside of Athens.

The meal included my last authentic Greek salad...I've literally lost count of how many I had.

So now the plan is to wake up around 4 AM my time, get a lift from the hotel back to the airport, get on a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul, and then back over to Toronto.

Got another long travel day with weird hours ahead of me, so I'll be calling it a night soon.

Not the most ideal way to be ending this trip, but hey, it's just another story to tell in a trip chock full of them.

It's been fun, get your public transportation game in order, please. You're making Italian transit look good, and that's saying something.

Yiamas to all, and to all a good night!

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