Monday, May 19, 2008

The itinerary.

Here's our itinerary. Everything is a flight except where rail is indicated.

Toronto to Frankfurt
Wed July 2

Thu July 3 1 NIGHT Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt to Barcelona
Fri July 4

Fri July 4 3 NIGHTS HelloBCN Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona to Rome
Mon July 7

Mon July 7-11 5 NIGHTS Yellow Hostel

Rail Pass 4 TRAVEL DAYS (Eurail)

Sat July 12-13 2 NIGHTS Hostel of the Sun

Mon July 14-16 3 NIGHTS Academy Hostel

Thu July 17-19 3 NIGHTS Alloggi Agli Artisti Hostel

***Matt: Venice – Malta Sun July 20

***Chris: Venice to Milan Sun July 20

Milan to Prague
Sun July 20

Sun July 20 2 NIGHTS Czech Inn

Prague to London
Tue July 22

Tue July 22 2 NIGHTS Astor Museum Inn

London to Budapest
Thu July 24

Thu July 24 1 NIGHT Central Backpack King

Budapest to Geneva
Fri July 25

Fri July 25 1 NIGHT Hotel Moderne

Geneva to Montreux
Sat July 26 (Swiss Rail)

Sat July 26 1 NIGHT Youth Hostel

Geneva to Paris
Sun July 27

Sun July 27 2 NIGHTS (Mom & Dad)
1 NIGHT St. Christopher’s

Paris to Glasgow
Wed July 30

Wed July 30 1 NIGHT Euro Hostel

Glasgow to Toronto
Thu July 31

Overall I am extremely pleased with how things look so far. We spend a good two weeks in Italy, and we get to see it by train...can't beat that.

Then Matt gets to go to Malta and visit family he's never met before, which is always a great experience.

I'm really happy that I was able to squeeze both Prague and Budapest in there. Also Switzerland is a place I'm looking forward to, especially Montreux. I had wanted to go to Interlaken but it was too far away from Geneva and too expensive to train it there.

Montreux is on the Swiss Riviera, an hour train ride through the Swiss Alps from Geneva. Led Zeppelin recorded there (they have a song called Bonzo's Montreux) and so did Queen (there's a Freddie Mercury memorial by the water). Also, the famous song "Smoke On The Water" by Deep Purple was written about Montreux. This is my kind of town.

My parents will be in Paris for their 30th wedding anniversary when I'm there, so I'll be meeting them and staying with them for two nights. The night of the 29th is their actual anniversary day, so I'll be leaving them alone that night (hello awkward) and staying in a hostel.

I also hope to meet up with some friends in London and Glasgow.

I researched all the hostels we're staying at and I'm really excited for all of them. They all have very good or excellent reviews and are a great value (we're spending on average less than 50 bucks a night per person).

Six weeks and two days away...can't fucking wait.

Friday, May 16, 2008

This is the beginning.

<----------- This is Matt.

This is Chris.

They are set to embark on a journey
to a place that one of them has never been to before,
and that one of them has been to before, but it was with his family,
so it's almost like he hasn't been there before.

This journey will take these two 26-year-olds from Toronto
to a place where civilization was born.

It will take them to a place where history fuses with culture
and modernity in ways that North America
can merely emulate...poorly.

And it will take them to a place where twenty-somethings
from all over the world come together to cast off the shackles
of the Western working-just-to-pay-the-rent life,
and to fucking party.

This place is called Europe.

This is SuppaBaggetta's European Odyssey.

Join us, won't you?

Six weeks, six days and counting till take-off.

July 2, 2008.

This is the beginning.